Wednesday, April 28, 2010


just an update... the show that i will be doing at San Luis Art Supply has been moved to June.
details to come.
here are some tattoos ive made recently.
hope all is well!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

rust never sleeps...

a quick note...
i will be having a small solo like show at San Luis Art Supply here in San Luis Obispo,CA in May.
i will be working on all new pieces... i will be returning to acrylic, and ball point pen pieces, as well as watercolour and who knows what else.
i hope that a lot of people make it out, itd be nice to see friends

also, in June i will be traveling back to my hometown in San Pedro, CA to do a guest spot at So. Cal tattoo... i will be working there June 7th - June 12th, if youd like to get a tattoo(s) from me, make an appt. through the shop by calling them at 310)519-8282
other wise, just stop by to say hi... heck, take me to lunch, haha.

hope all is well

Monday, April 5, 2010

aging like wine...

it has been quite some time... so here is a condensed bit of photos since i could not possibly write all the things ive done since last summer... this will be in two parts, blog is being weird about me posting so many photos...

aging like wine 2...

here are the rest of the photos...
these span across the US from Maui to Maine.... i drove across the US with my friend nichole, went to Maui with robert, went snowboarding in Utah with j. parks and robert... and so much more.
im glad that ive been able to do all of this... cant wait to adventure and explore more.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

summer greetings...

ahoy, ahoy...

here is a painting i finished recently, its based off of an old tattoo flash painting.
watercolor on watercolor paper.

also, i am super excited to be in another show at Tradition.
It looks to be a really good show, and, come on... how can you not show up?!?!
Its a Michael Jackson tribute show!
My friends Eye one and Axis will be in the show, along with some other regulars that show at Tradition ;
Chase Tafoya
Justin Reed and many more!

Been doing a bunch of fun tattoos that i'll post some other time, here is one i got to do on a guy thats in the navy.

gotta run
hope all is well this summer

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

odds and ends... aka, SUPER BLOG!!!

i was recently invited to be a part of the odds and ends show at Tradition in westlake village...

you can check out some of the coverage at these sites...
also, ive been living at the buchon house, and i love it... but, we are getting evicted.
so... we are making the house into an art gallery and having an art show for the very end!
also, i bought a lantern from 1934 and some old 1800's photographs!

also, my friend Eye One came for a short visit, hung out a bit, had some coffee... and brought me a painting!
i went avocado hunting and disrupted an opossum... and fixed and finished my bike with the help of tommy.

found this guy down the street from the house... hes pretty creepy.
and... painted an owen jensen woman head ona sheet of flash with my boss robert, i did the woman head.

thats all for now!
hope everything is well!!!