Tuesday, May 26, 2009

odds and ends... aka, SUPER BLOG!!!

i was recently invited to be a part of the odds and ends show at Tradition in westlake village...

you can check out some of the coverage at these sites...
also, ive been living at the buchon house, and i love it... but, we are getting evicted.
so... we are making the house into an art gallery and having an art show for the very end!
also, i bought a lantern from 1934 and some old 1800's photographs!

also, my friend Eye One came for a short visit, hung out a bit, had some coffee... and brought me a painting!
i went avocado hunting and disrupted an opossum... and fixed and finished my bike with the help of tommy.

found this guy down the street from the house... hes pretty creepy.
and... painted an owen jensen woman head ona sheet of flash with my boss robert, i did the woman head.

thats all for now!
hope everything is well!!!

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alana said...

all great things!