Thursday, July 16, 2009

summer greetings...

ahoy, ahoy...

here is a painting i finished recently, its based off of an old tattoo flash painting.
watercolor on watercolor paper.

also, i am super excited to be in another show at Tradition.
It looks to be a really good show, and, come on... how can you not show up?!?!
Its a Michael Jackson tribute show!
My friends Eye one and Axis will be in the show, along with some other regulars that show at Tradition ;
Chase Tafoya
Justin Reed and many more!

Been doing a bunch of fun tattoos that i'll post some other time, here is one i got to do on a guy thats in the navy.

gotta run
hope all is well this summer

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

odds and ends... aka, SUPER BLOG!!!

i was recently invited to be a part of the odds and ends show at Tradition in westlake village...

you can check out some of the coverage at these sites...
also, ive been living at the buchon house, and i love it... but, we are getting evicted.
so... we are making the house into an art gallery and having an art show for the very end!
also, i bought a lantern from 1934 and some old 1800's photographs!

also, my friend Eye One came for a short visit, hung out a bit, had some coffee... and brought me a painting!
i went avocado hunting and disrupted an opossum... and fixed and finished my bike with the help of tommy.

found this guy down the street from the house... hes pretty creepy.
and... painted an owen jensen woman head ona sheet of flash with my boss robert, i did the woman head.

thats all for now!
hope everything is well!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

quick pics...

here are some watercolors and flashlight/ISO fun.
the girl head/space needle were done in seattle and the flower with banner was as well.

.liberation frequency.

i promise i'll update this hefty like, real soon.
its been wild... i went to LA for a week, then chased that with a week long trip to Seattle, which was amazing.
i went away, got to see some old friends, some art shows and even got to see a hxc reunion show, with No For An Answer/Carry Nation, Chorus of Disapproval and some others.
it was sad and good at the same time... it was sad to see all these old straight edge guys who fell off singing songs about being straight edge, huffing and puffing in between songs, talking about being old and tired.
whenever i see a band with no stage presence, i get frustrated... i think of all the times ive seen 7 seconds... come on, kevin seconds is literally pushing 50, while fronting 7 seconds for nearly 3 decades, his brother steve had cancer, and got through it and still plays.
to this day, 7 seconds plays harder, faster and more energetic than any other band i've ever seen.
Seattle was amazing, i drank coffee, bashed drama, and relaxed.
i finally got to go to the awesome Mighty O Donuts , nerded out and had a latte at the original starbucks, walked on the train tracks, went to gasworks park... and drank more coffee.
i surely enjoyed the weather, a lot.
it was a very fun and relaxing trip.
when i came home i moved into the Buchon house , which has been rad.
very caring and loving community of creative people.
its nice to have a place to draw and paint again.
as i came home, i came home to the news of a divorce amongst the partnership of my boss and his partner, who co-owned the tattoo shop i work at.
my boss and i will be staying at our current location and moving forward, while the other owner will be leaving and taking the other two artists.
i have a group show that i will be taking part in coming up shortly, and if i can, i will also be doing a piece(s) for bike month here in SLO.
more updates on that, bla bla bla.
here are some house photos... loungin.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Been doing some watercolouring...
And burrito eating.
And a unicorn tattoo on my friend jasons leg!

Hope all is well!