Tuesday, December 23, 2008


new stuff coming soon.
happy holidays...
dont buy into everyones superficial holiday mess.
be well

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On Deck....

im listening to this band by the name of, Tortoise... interesting.
its been a short while...
ive been rather busy with this and that, working and getting fat.
my board for the On Deck show killed me, nearly.
it was attacked by a dog at the bus stop,i got makeup all over it... things werent blending the way i wanted them too... i had to drive way out of the way to even paint it, but i finished it and was the official last piece turned in.
what is this On Deck thing that i speak of.... my generous friend Eyer curated a skate deck show at Tradition.
it was awesome... and again, thanks to Eyer for putting the show on and having alana and i over, thanks to Andrew and Jason at Tradition for having us, big ups to Axis for taking us to Suru to see his show, and thanks to the friends that drove all the way out to Tradition for the opening.
hope all is well
ive got some new pieces in the works...
photos soon.
be well

Friday, October 24, 2008

shows, shows,shows!!!!!!

hey, i will be in a show on nov. 1st at Clandestine Rabbit tattoo in tarzana, check out the flier.

also Chris "Devious" Gliebe will be traveling out from the midwest to have a solo show in long beach on friday nov. 7th at ddr projects in long beach.
my good friend Greg "craola" simkins is having another solo show at gallery 1988 on thursday november 6th.

and lastly, on saturday dec. 6th, my friend pablo put together a show, peep the flier.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

sketchy at best...

so... while most people watch tv or go "out".
i typically draw.
here is what ive done since i moved up here last year, im pretty sure a few are missing/in storage some place.
i like seeing sketchbooks, who else has some to post??

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

two shows are better than one....

how are you all... all none of you that read my blog, haha.
any however,
i will be in a show next week, opening on the 11th of october at alpha cult in long beach.
the show is titled, "against the grain" and all of the works featured will be on or of wood.
(thank you jefferee for the hookup).
also, sometime next month, i do believe (or it is in december), i will be in a skate deck show at Tradition, it is curated by Eye one... it is an amazing line-up cant wait to see the show.
below... for your visuals, are my first two watercolour attempts... i was satisfied with the first piece... but not so satisfied with the second.
gotta get to drawing... and my birthday dinner.
hope all is well

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

owdf;oajpgqjepg ... do you get it?

just a quick post right quick...
my australian friends dabs and myla just recently launched their website, check it out at
and, after quite a while... axis re-launched his site at
that is all , check that shi out.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

too legit too quit.... or, goodness, i have to pee


i was recently in a show at Tradition again, with EYE and a handful of really good artists.
i had finally got to meet Axis , my good friend Greg "Craola" Simkins always had told me good things about him.
he was way nice and pretty funny... he invited me over to his studio to check it out.
he paints like a mad man!!!!!
we finished off the visit by watching some mr. t videos on youtube,haha.
i gave Eye one of my drawings from the LostxTradition show as a token of my appreciation... and he hooked it up with one of his pieces from the show as well!!!
its the one on the right, the can with the tree in it. it has a history too... i'll tell you later.
here is the only picture i have of what i put in the Pen at Work show... i had two other pieces in the show as well.
my friend vince recently came up to visit and he decided to get a tattoo from me... what a crazy bastard,hahaha. he got this guy, based off of that character i put in the pen at work show.

a couple of weeks prior i did this one on my shin... it was a terrible, terrible pain.
i am super excited to see progress in my tattooing, and at the same disappointed... i wish i was picking it up quicker.
a few weeks back, my girlfriend and i took a trip to see the elephant seals... these guys are huge!!!! and then i fed a rodent,haha

and here are a few flicks of some public art for your viewing pleasure.

hope all is well

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pen at Work and ramblings...


i was invited back to Tradition to be a part of their next show, i am super excited about the show.
it is an all pen show, come check it out.

also... here are a few pictures from last weekend.
my boss and i went to san francisco, my friend april and i ran around the city and met up with my friend max who made us curry. we also met up with my friend kelsey, i was dropping off a painting she had bought from me a while back... here are a few photos

hope all is well

Sunday, July 6, 2008

drawings, burritos and jake the pirate....

Here are the other two pieces i had at the Lost/Tradition show.

this one is titled, "A place where awkward belongs"
ballpoint pen on recycled paper 2008.

this is titled, "Is that a whale in your pocket...?"
ballpoint pen on recycled paper 2008.

two of my good friends came up from LA for the fourth of july weekend, i tattooed them... say hello to jake the pirate. he is my seventh tattoo, making tattoos is pretty hard.

we barbecued on the fourth and i got down on some watermelon.

then fernando demonstrated his new dance inspired by mongolians after we had watched, "mongol".

sunday morning we had burritos and went to the driving range, where i hit four houses!!
it was awesome.
here we all are on some indian hill, around some indian rock.

thats all for now
hope all is well

Thursday, July 3, 2008


this is my first post... i prefer to type in lower cased letters, giving greater emphasis to words that are capitalized, when and if.
i will be using this as a sort of shameless self promotion type of, "i cant afford a decent website".
so i will post my artwork and adventures on here, mainly me rambling about nothing.
a couple of weeks ago i painted live in tulare, ca at the zumiez couch tour for Keep A Breast.
it was boiling hot and literally too hot to paint, my paint was drying as soon as i put it down.

after that, my friend Eye One invited me to be part of an installation/show at " Tradition "... it was awesome.

here is one of my pieces that sold, it is titled, " funny like a funeral "

thats all for now.