Wednesday, August 20, 2008

too legit too quit.... or, goodness, i have to pee


i was recently in a show at Tradition again, with EYE and a handful of really good artists.
i had finally got to meet Axis , my good friend Greg "Craola" Simkins always had told me good things about him.
he was way nice and pretty funny... he invited me over to his studio to check it out.
he paints like a mad man!!!!!
we finished off the visit by watching some mr. t videos on youtube,haha.
i gave Eye one of my drawings from the LostxTradition show as a token of my appreciation... and he hooked it up with one of his pieces from the show as well!!!
its the one on the right, the can with the tree in it. it has a history too... i'll tell you later.
here is the only picture i have of what i put in the Pen at Work show... i had two other pieces in the show as well.
my friend vince recently came up to visit and he decided to get a tattoo from me... what a crazy bastard,hahaha. he got this guy, based off of that character i put in the pen at work show.

a couple of weeks prior i did this one on my shin... it was a terrible, terrible pain.
i am super excited to see progress in my tattooing, and at the same disappointed... i wish i was picking it up quicker.
a few weeks back, my girlfriend and i took a trip to see the elephant seals... these guys are huge!!!! and then i fed a rodent,haha

and here are a few flicks of some public art for your viewing pleasure.

hope all is well

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JEFF said...

that rodent looks like a real friendly bastard.